Randolph County Business Matters

Randolph County Business Matters

At The Law Office of Ben C. Morgan, we represent individuals and businesses throughout Randolph County in a range of business matters, from formation and entity selection to business contracts, sales and succession planning.

With a wealth of experience and strong roots in our Asheboro community, our law firm provides sophisticated representation with a focus on providing personalized solutions for each of our client's unique, individualized legal needs.

Business Formation

Starting a new business is an exciting adventure, but there are many legal complications that could have long-reaching consequences for you and your business if they are not handled properly. Our Randolph County business law lawyers can help you with every aspect of starting your new business:

  • Entity selection: We can help you determine the best type of entity for your new business, whether it is an LLC, a partnership, a sole proprietorship or other business form.
  • Operating agreements: In addition to the entity choice you make, you will need an operating agreement to establish some of the major elements of running your business. These can include anything from profit and workload distribution to end strategies for the eventual dissolution, sale or succession of ownership interests.
  • Initial filing: There are timelines and form filing requirements for getting your business legally recognized and running. We can walk you through the entire process to make sure you are in compliance with all the relevant laws and requirements.

Business Contracts

Our attorneys can help you with all manner of contractual needs as your business grows. This can include negotiations, contract drafting and review, collections work and contract dispute litigation.

Business Purchases, Sales And Succession Planning

When the time comes to move on from your business, we can help with a purchase and sale agreement or walk you through the complex legal process of liquidation. If you are looking to pass on your business interests to a beneficiary, we can help you integrate your business succession plan to your comprehensive estate plan.

Serving Clients In Randolph County, North Carolina

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