Defending You Against DUI Charges

Law enforcement agencies across North Carolina are constantly looking for impaired drivers on the state's roadways. If they arrest you for driving under the influence, it is important that you take immediate action to protect your rights.

At The Law Office of Ben C. Morgan, we provide aggressive defense to individuals charged with drunk driving. Our experienced lawyer, Ben C. Morgan, has been defending North Carolina motorists charged with DUI and other traffic tickets for over a decade. He understands the tactics that prosecutors use in these cases, and he is committed to presenting a strong defense on your behalf to help you keep your driving privileges.

It is important to note that in North Carolina DUI cases, there are both criminal and civil proceedings that must be addressed. Most people are familiar with the criminal penalties that may be handed down, which often include jail time and fines, depending upon the facts of your case.

The civil portion of your DUI concerns the suspension of your driver's license, which happens very quickly after you have been arrested. If you fail to act in a timely fashion, you will be unable to challenge this suspension, no matter what happens in your criminal case.

We help with both the civil and criminal portions of your case. We will promptly review your case, and determine the defenses that will be available to you. If you are eligible for a hardship license, we will make every effort to help you receive these limited driving privileges.

If you have been charged with a DUI, reach out to our experienced DUI defense attorney. Please call 877-405-6861 or send us an email to schedule an appointment at our Asheboro office.