License Reinstatement

Most drivers have received some type of traffic ticket in their lives. Whether they were just passing through North Carolina while they were on vacation, or were stopped for speeding on their way to a local business, these tickets carry substantial penalties if they are not resolved promptly.

In many cases, individuals simply forget or neglect to address traffic tickets that they have received. If this happens, at some point, they will receive notice that their licenses have been revoked due to the unpaid traffic tickets or missed court dates.

If you have received one of these letters, you need to know that you do have options available to help you protect your driving privileges. Our experienced traffic violations attorney, Ben C. Morgan, has been helping North Carolina clients with questions concerning license reinstatement for over a decade.

We review your case to learn about the outstanding tickets, and determine the measures that we will need to take to have these issues corrected. In some situations, we are able to have your case recalendared, which will allow you to contest the penalties you have received. Often, we are able to do this on your behalf, without even needing you to appear in the courtroom.

In addition, we will also examine the possible options that are available to you to help get you back behind the wheel. If you are eligible, we will try to obtain a hardship license for you so that you are still able to travel to and from work while your case is pending.

To learn more about how our lawyer will help you have your driving privileges reinstated, call The Law Office of Ben C. Morgan at 877-405-6861 or send us an email to schedule an appointment at our Asheboro office.