Tickets For Out-Of-State Motorists

At The Law Office of Ben C. Morgan, located in Asheboro, we provide skilled assistance to out-of-state motorists who receive traffic tickets in North Carolina. In many cases, we are able to appear in traffic court on your behalf, saving you the trouble of returning to offer a defense to the charges you are facing. Our attorney, Ben C. Morgan, has over a decade of experience helping motorists with out-of-state speeding tickets and other moving violations.

Know Your Options — Protect Your License

You need to be sure that you understand the impact that these North Carolina tickets will have on your ability to drive in your home state. If you simply agree to pay the fine associated with your ticket, this will often result in you receiving points on your driving record back home. Too many citations in a certain period of time could result in you losing your driving privileges. Our attorney will help you fight your traffic tickets, and we will pursue a resolution that helps you minimize the consequences you are facing.

Often, many out-of-state motorists ignore the citations they receive in North Carolina. This is a serious problem, because it will result in very severe penalties if they return to the state and are once again stopped by law enforcement. Some motorists find themselves arrested and jailed for not addressing the tickets that they received. If you have an outstanding ticket that is several years old, we can still help you resolve these issues.

To learn more about how we can help you with your traffic citation, call 877-405-6861 or send us an email to schedule an appointment with our experienced lawyer.